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Backwash – Content – Lunatic Loner With A Typewriter

1994 It wasn’t a very good year. Well, not for me. Where was I? The University of Dundee. What was I doing? Anything, everything. I had been at the University for a whole year, studying Law, yet about to graduate in Extra-Curricular Chemical Studies. Kurt Cobain had been dead for only a few months. Back […]

The South End – The Outsider

Grad student Abdalla Awwad, 33, has been a Roseville resident for all of his life. He lives with his wife of eight years and their five children in the city and owns several properties there. His respect and care for the city inspired him to campaign again this year for the role of treasurer for […]

The Monroe Street Journal

The Monroe Street Journal – News Issue: 10/25/04 From the Student Lounge to the Players’ Lounge By Per Larson, MBA2 What’s one of the best jobs you can think of coming out of business school? Think about how good it would feel to have that gig. One of our MBA alums is doing just that, […]

Talk! at the Independent Gay Forum : where is the outrage?

Posted 14 June 2001 18:21 There probably isn’t any controlling legal authority…and Gerhardt would likely be one of the first in line explaining that Rove’s complaints were motivated by partisianship. I don’t expect that Gerhardt has any serious ethical problem with politicians benefitting from their offices by manipulating investments. He’s been a Clinton apologist and […]

Todays entry

This afternoon I had to drive to the bank and deposit some cash in order that a couple of forthcoming transactions could be completed without any hindrance. In the normal course of events this menial task wouldn’t warrant an inclusion into the pages of this diary but today there were exterior forces in play that […] > artswire > reviews > Rabbit (Sydney) by Rebel Wilson

Well, if the naked man on the publicity poster for this production arouses your attention, then you’re definitely in for a treat…because that character appears fully naked, literally an inch away from your face, for most of Act 2 in Brendan Cowell’s latest play Rabbit. You’ve gotta love it when a crumpling Act 2 resorts […]

Sandbox Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft 2000

Favorite Team: Currently the Rockies. First favorite team was the Mets when growing up in New Jersey. One of my first concrete baseball memories was the Mets winning the 1969 World Series (I was 7 years old). Moved to Bay Area when I started high school. Started going to Giants games and quickly became a […]

Cartoon Wars: Free Speech vs Islam | Vibewire 3.0

Denmark is a free and independent democracy, which enjoys freedom of press and unfettered media. In fact Denmark is just one of the many Scandinavian countries inside the top 5 on the official Press Freedom Ranking chart. Therefore it seems preposterous to think that foreign countries (mainly Islamic – with dreadful press freedom records) would […]

Storytelling | Vibewire 3.0

As I walked home late from seeing the new Todd Solondz film, Storytelling, I noticed that the things around me appeared like stills from a film: the tight skin of new car roofs beading with an unbroken sheen of water, the cuffs of my trousers brushing against each other under the streetlight, my hands plugged […]

Backwash – Content – That Guy Your Mother Warned You About

Inspired As inspiration for my first column, I decided to delve into the archives of my favorite Backwashers to see how they started out. Reading through the inaugural entries of people who I’ve come to know as well as one can by reading blogs/articles, I realized how well the articles fit with their unique personalities. […]

Talk! at the Independent Gay Forum : John Ashcroft

Posted 19 January 2001 11:44 Joe wrote: quote:But then again, maybe he’s grown. In response to a question from Feingold about whether or not he would scrap the non-discrimination policy for homosexuals in the DOJ, Ashcroft said that he would keep the policy in place and that he would also keep the DOJ Pride organization. […]

The War on Female Candidates | Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Hotline is highlighting the issue of female candidates who face perceived sexism on the campaign trail. The only problem is that I’m finding it very hard to sympathize with their examples. In fact, I don’t consider most of the to be instances of sexism at all. That is a problem in my book since it’s […]

Backwash – Content – Spinning on an Axis of Evil

I learned about sex when I was eight, but was not informed of my Christian duty to abstain from it until I was 12. I mean, had I known I wouldn’t have gone all crazy and had 5 kids. My how Zack, Kelly, Screech, Slater and Jesse have grown (some advice: don’t name your children […]

Backwash – Content – Get Out My World

Well since I am new, I will start by telling you a little bit about myself. As you can tell from my profile, I am a music freak. I spent my time hanging around in the music room at school. The practice rooms had other uses for the music geeks. There were also the groupies […]

Features | Vibewire 3.0

The Global Alliance of Justice Education was established in 1996 as a network of likeminded individuals who share a common goal: promotion of “socially relevant legal education”. This article looks at some of the ideas that came out of the latest conference in 2004 in Krakow, Poland, including compulsory learning about the Holocaust for law […]